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Sousanna Stratmann, Sousanna: The Lost Daughter

A Pure and Raw Novel

Five-year-old Sousanna is often cold and always hungry, but she’s happy living in post-WWII Greece with her kind and loving family. Then one day a stranger approaches Sousanna’s father with a startling proposition, made bearable only by the assurance that the situation is temporary.

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Stratmann’s debut novel draws from her own experience as a young Greek child taken from her family to be adopted by an American couple... Gripping and heart-wrenching; historically important, with contemporary relevance.
Kirkus Reviews, Sousanna: The Lost Daughter
Oct. 9th, 2018

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Sousanna Stratmann Drawing, Sousanna: The Lost Daughter
Sousanna Stratmann Drawing, Sousanna: The Lost Daughter

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