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Five-year-old Sousanna is often cold and always hungry, but she’s happy living in post-WWII Greece with her kind and loving family. Then one day a stranger approaches Sousanna’s father with a startling proposition, made bearable only by the assurance that the situation is temporary. But all is not as it seems, and Sousanna is taken from her home to a foreign place where she’s adopted by an American couple. Everything is different and no one understands her. How will Sousanna endure alone in this foreign place, where her culture, her language, and even her name are taken from her? Will her parents ever be able to find her?

Sousanna Stratmann shares her story in the new novel Sousanna: The Lost Daughter. Heart-wrenching and heart- warming by turns, this timely novel inspired by true events explores the bonds between parents and child, the lasting effect of words spoken to young children, and what “for the good of the child” means.

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22 reviews for Autographed, Hardcover

  1. GrandmaOf7

    This story is one that hurts the heart to read but is full of redemption, love and grace. Thank you, Sousanna.

  2. Peggy T.

    I could not put this book down. The child Sousanna was so real. This needs to be a movie, it would be a huge hit at the box
    Office. Sousanna’s heartfelt story is unforgettable.

    I have recommended it to many friends without reservation.

  3. DonnaD

    What an amazing story! “Sousanna” is written from the perspective of one who lived it. A deep dive into heartbreak, healing, love and redemption.

  4. macy chionsini

    An unbelievable true story of a young girl and her family. A true page turner. I could not put it down.
    Can not wait for her next book .

  5. Cheryl Johnson

    What a wonderful book. The story was very poignant. This should be required reading for all students of history, so this doesn’t happen again.

  6. marla shell

    Brave little Sousanna is determined and feisty as she tries to understand her new life after being taken from her home in Greece. Her thoughts of her loving family never cease. She exemplifies faith, hope, and love in search for answers.

  7. Marcia

    This is a wonderful book fully exploring each family member’s story of a sad period in history. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could take advantage of a family’s difficult times. This is an important story that’s sadly being repeated in poor countrys even in today’s world. Sousanna will win everyone’s heart!

  8. Amazon Customer

    Wow. Just wow. Gripping story seen from all sides as young Sousanna is stolen from her parents in post WWII Greece. I highly recommend this book! The writing style takes you in immediately while the story keeps you captivated to the end. I can’t wait to share this with my family and friends!

  9. Amazon Customer

    An amazing and important story shared…of love, family, empathy, understanding, healing and most of all, forgiveness. Each chapter reveals a new perspective, gently leading the reader to understand that sometimes good or well-meaning individuals can make flawed and far-reaching decisions. In the end, it’s our reaction to life’s circumstances, our understanding of others, that helps us survive and forgive. Historical, educational and an important lesson to all generations!

  10. LonnieT

    You will not be able to put this book down! We have all heard stories of children being taken from their homes. This book is one of faith, hope and love and a reminder that you should never give up.

  11. Melinda Driskell

    I read the book in two days! Didn’t want to put it down! I went from angry to reading sentences of love that touch the heart. Learned a part of history that as children we don’t understand. What a brave little girl to a wonderful women you have become!

  12. Jane A.

    An inspiring journey of love, loss, hope, and joy of little Sousanna. Told through the eyes of the author. A must read!

  13. JilliAnn

    This story had me from the beginning. It is so sad and yet so uplifting, the story of strength and hope. I would love to see it made into a movie.

  14. Sally McDougal

    Such a great read!! It is sad that this really happened. What a strong little girl you were and even a stronger woman!!

  15. The Dude

    Loved reading this book! I was fortunate to meet Sousanna through mutual friends. I live in Corpus Christi and she came and did a reading for us. Even if I hadn’t met her I would feel like I had after reading her book. Sousanna, Thank you so much for sharing your story. I wish you much success with your book and continued happiness !!!

  16. tessiekk

    This was a heart-wrenching and inspiring book.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Riveting and heartbreaking story of love and strength and the power of family ties and persistence. I couldn’t put it down.

  18. Amazon Customer

    This is an amazing story of a heartbreaking journey. A must read. I loved it.

  19. Nancy Adams

    Great book. Well-written.

  20. Susan K Ivester

    This a very touching story about the journey of a very courageous child and now woman who always remembers her biological family. It is a beautiful portrayal of Sousanna’s journey that shows how strength and perseverance bring her back to her family of origin. I highly recommend her book.

  21. Betty Hudson

    The Greek experiences are so revealing you feel like you are there and you know the characters and feel their emotions. The American experience though is sketchier and leaves you wondering.

  22. Missy

    Love reading something that makes you consider the difficult lives of people. When something softens your heart, it’s always a good thing. The Spirit can do something in your life when you have compassion for others. This book softened my heart. And I think Jesus appreciates a soft heart when he is in yours.

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