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Five-year-old Sousanna is often cold and always hungry, but she’s happy living in post-WWII Greece with her kind and loving family. Then one day a stranger approaches Sousanna’s father with a startling proposition, made bearable only by the assurance that the situation is temporary. But all is not as it seems, and Sousanna is taken from her home to a foreign place where she’s adopted by an American couple. Everything is different and no one understands her. How will Sousanna endure alone in this foreign place, where her culture, her language, and even her name are taken from her? Will her parents ever be able to find her?

Sousanna Stratmann shares her story in the new novel Sousanna: The Lost Daughter. Heart-wrenching and heart- warming by turns, this timely novel inspired by true events explores the bonds between parents and child, the lasting effect of words spoken to young children, and what “for the good of the child” means.

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29 reviews for Autographed, Paperback

  1. maryannofgeorgetown

    This book tells the story of the after effects of WWII on Europe and its inhabitants. It tells of history seldom communicated in books or the news. After the second chapter you can’t put the book down. A poignant memoir that is all the more compelling because of what is happening to children today across the globe. Heartbreaking in its portrayal of lost relationships here and in Greece, yet hopeful as Sousanna perseveres to find answers.

  2. Nikki Elkjer

    The timing of this release could not be more culturally perfect. While it has it emotional moments, this story was exactly what I needed to read right now. I feel like I know each of the characters intimately – this will be my go to gift for girlfriends this Christmas!

  3. Ben Stratmann

    It’s really quite difficult to wrap your head around this story — how could this happen to someone, much less a child of two loving parents? It speaks as much to the setting of the story (Europe, late 1950s) as it does to modern-day themes of separated families and human trafficking. A quick, easy read — but an incredibly compelling one at that.

  4. Stephanie Alicia Rivers

    Bravo Ms. Stratmann! The author has beautifully illuminated the humanity, motivations, and vices of characters posited in brutal circumstances. She authentically shares how to make a life amidst unimaginable upheaval. A page-turning expose on an aspect of history which continues to impact and connect two distinctively different nations. I am adding this to my personal library. I highly recommend this superb read and hope the author writes a follow up book exploring the lives of Nicholas and Katerina.

  5. L.Sherman

    Once you begin reading this book, you will not want to put it down until the end. It is a reminder that we take for granted all that we have so many times and don’t appreciate what we have been blessed with. It shows the results of war, poverty, hopelessness, and innocence, and what leads a loving set of parents to make unthinkable decisions. Thank you for sharing your life with us, Sousanna.

  6. Janet Hewlett

    From front page to back, I couldn’t put down this book! Sousanna’s story is heart wrenching for any reader, but especially those who have raised a child and know the heart strings that can never be broken. I recommend this to anyone…you will be engaged with this fascinating story of family, love, and triumph of faith!

  7. Debbie Godwin

    Sousanna ‘s poignant story is one that will strike a resounding note in hearts around the world. She relates her journey with such clarity and emotional depth that I felt I could see not only into her young heart but also into the hearts of all who were a part of this heart-wrenching drama of war, poverty, love and family. Her story will be a ‘voice’ for many whose stories are yet untold.

  8. diana j estes

    This story was written beautifully with heart and soul poured into it. A quick read as the author grabs your curiosity and interest in every chapter.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Truly a great story! I haven’t had time to read in years but wanted to read this and was glad I did…..lots of smiles & tears!

  10. Linda

    A heart renndering and engaging read.

    A true page turner.

    Lastly, the book is a frighteningly reminder of what happened, silently, in yesteryear, but today, signals an Amber alert.

  11. Amazon Customer

    The child in each of us can only imagine the heartbreak little Sousanna must have been experiencing and it could only be the Lord that allowed her to stay so brave. This book was both touching and historically informative.

  12. Joanna Pruitt

    I loved the way the author write about each character has the story went along. Getting to know each one and what they were experiencing. It felt like the author was sitting and telling me the story first hand. Sousanna is a very strong and brave girl.

  13. Richard O. Jones

    True events told through the eyes of a six year old, caught up in the systematic export of children out of Greece in the 1950s. We learn the poignant story of her Greek family, who longs for her return, and of Sousanna, adopted by an American family, who waits expectantly for her biological father to come find her

  14. Cathy Endebrock

    Bravo Ms. Stratmann! The author has beautifully illuminated the humanity, motivations, and vices of characters posited in brutal circumstances. She authentically shares how to make a life amidst unimaginable upheaval. A page-turning expose on an aspect of history which continues to impact and connect two distinctively different nations. I am adding this to my personal library. I highly recommend this superb read and hope the author writes a follow up book exploring the lives of Nicholas and Katerina.

  15. Kim Tucker

    Beautifully written! Sousanna’s writing is amazingly visual. Her story is truly heart wrenching but yet speaks to her strong and loving bond of family and never giving up hope. Even at such a young age Sousanna’s memories and loving words kept her positive and courageous in times of such sadness and homesickness. The historical perspective was a plus in helping me understand the despair of families and orphans during and after the war. The pictures at the end of the book were an additional plus and brought even more life to her story! Just a fantastic read and would make an incredible movie. Thank you Sousanna for reliving the past and sharing your story.

  16. Janis R.

    I loved the book and learned a bit of history that I didn’t know about.

  17. J. Martin

    My next door neighbor wrote this book so I have to review it from that standpoint. This is a story of a little girl whose father made a gut wrenching decision to let his child be taken to the USA to have a life she wouldn’t have in her war torn, impoverished town in Greece. It is beautifully written in a style that takes you back to the lives of Sousanna’s families and the impossibly difficult personal hardships.

    While I have known Sousanna as a neighbor for several months now, much of this story was unknown to me. She is a beautiful spirit and now I understand how she came to be the interesting and caring person that I know.

    I highly recommend this story to anyone who has any interest in Greece, post-war history, or the very personal story of a child who had no idea why she was ripped from the family who adored her.

  18. ElisaC

    Told through the eyes of a child and the experiences of a family, Sousanna Stratmann’s story had an emotional depth that kept me on the edge of my seat while giving me a history lesson all at once. This well blended story has balanced a credible perspective of trafficking children with very authentic insight and historical accuracy. In some ways this novel taught me more than any text book could. Her story provides valuable insight into the past and will likely remain relevant in our future. I would highly recommend this book as a “must read”.

  19. Lauren Alexander

    An unbelievable story beautifully written. I looked forward to any chance I had to read it.

  20. Kerryp

    A friend recommended I read this book, and I’m thankful she did! Sousanna’s story is heartfelt and incredibly moving. I appreciated how the author organized the chapters to each focus on a specific person’s part of the story throughout Sousanna’s journey. For example, a chapter would be called “Sousanna” and talk about her experience at a certain point in time. Then the next chapter would be called “Nikolas” and talk about Nikolas’ perspective and experience at that time. Reading the journey of each person involved in Sousanna’s unique path of life was inspiring. The strength, the resolve, the hope, the love … It’s a story I won’t soon forget.

  21. B Gray

    Love this story! The girl in this story is my mom’s neighbor.

  22. lds

    The information is appropriate for things going on in the world today. Autobiographical but yet a novel. The story had me interested for the whole read.

  23. Amy Gilbert

    This book was very touching and parallels my own adoption. It is well written and interesting for anyone, whether they have been adopted or not.

  24. Barbara N. Ebner

    A wonderful story about faith and love.

  25. Don

    Very good read

  26. Gkonsite

    An easy read. A true story. Couldn’t put it down. Highly recommend! Had the opportunity to meet the lovely author and it’s just an incredible, heart wrenching story that opens your heart and mind to unimaginable feelings of lost, deep love, toll of war, family, and much more!

  27. Baycee

    Beautifully written, Sousanna is a compelling autobiography that
    portrays the power and strength of deep family love. A love so deep it fuels a mother and father’s well intentioned but (misguided) trust, a young girl’s intense bravery and strength of will, and a brother’s unrelenting resolve to find his sister. My life has been forever touched and influenced by this true story of love, sacrifice, acceptance, perseverance – and extraordinary bravery. After reading this book I was fortunate to have met Sousanna. I found her to be a living testament to all that is good, kind, loving, and truly brave in this world.

  28. trinidad Gai

    This is a wonderful novel , we had the pleasure to meet Sousanna for a book signing. Many of us couldn’t put the book down. It’s a heart felt story of her life. She told us about the history of that time, and how her life is now. I highly recommend this book.

  29. Merianne Gaston

    Loved it – easy to read! Hated to put it down – easily imagined living in the story.

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