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There are so many stories to be told. 

Traveling to book clubs, events, organizations to present ‘Sousanna The Lost Daughter’ I am meeting and hearing so many courageous, and interesting people and their stories.

I’ve always been what we all call ‘an open book’ with my life…haven’t had much choice when you get up, for years, every morning putting on your leotards and tights, and of course my dance skirt, and get in front of a group of dancers to help them feel comfortable in the most vulnerable of learning situations…dance. 

I have to become vulnerable for them to find that in themselves…and, as risky and frightening as it can be, when you are in full dance there is nothing but joy…you don’t absorb anything outside the movement and the music…you become ‘an open book’ of expression and vulnerability.

So, all that to say…when we tell our stories, open our hearts, we open doors to the people around us.  When we are honest about our experiences, how we dealt with them; how we continue to deal with them; how they made us stronger or changed us forever; others begin to share and we are all better, wiser, and more connected when we leave each other than when we came together.

Many times, I am asked, “How does it feel to have your life out there for others to discern and review?”   I can honestly say, there have been nights I am lying in bed and I think “What have I done!”  But then I am calmed and assured by the comfort that this was ‘God created’. 

I am a women of faith and I pray for God’s calling, daily, and this was where He lead me, so I ‘get in the boat’ and just go with it in pure faith that it will be exactly what it is intended to be.

Take a risk, friend, share your story…you’ll be surprised what happens!July 1, 2019

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